Open My Eyes

Easter Sunday is the FIRST day of the Easter Season which runs fifty days to Pentecost. ON the Third Sunday of Easter, we read the story in Acts of Saul’s conversion from persecutor of Christians, to Paul, Apostle of Christ. Acts 9:1-20. It’s a powerful story of  the kind of radical conversion that happens when we are open to encountering God.

This is God’s way: enemies are destroyed by converting them into brothers and sisters– adversaries become allies, united by God’s love. This is a story for us all to emulate.

One of my absolute FAVORITE pieces related to this passage is Ken Medema’s “Sittin by the Window Prayin”. Here’s a You-Tube of it. Any performance rights belong to Ken Medema, certainly not to me. Buy the whole CD; buy his entire library. This is a musician of incredible talent before you learn his personal story.


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