Will They Know We Are Christians?

Walking through the hospital the other day, I enjoyed identifying each person’s profession by their uniforms. There was a police officer, talking to a nurse; down the hall, a doctor, wearing her long white lab coat, with a stethoscope around her neck. If you are particularly observant, you can even pick out which department or floor the nurses work by the color of their scrubs.
Most of us Christians don’t often wear uniforms which identify us as Christians. But are there ways that others can see we are Christians?
One Sunday morning, just before morning worship service was to begin, the church door opened and in came a frantic woman. Her car had suffered a flat tire. Her husband was out of town; she didn’t even know who to call for help.
Several church members were in the building when their visitor arrived. They all jumped into action; some of them making phone calls to summon a repair truck, others checking out the car; still others offering hospitality to the lady, helping her to calm down. In a few minutes, the tire was replaced, and she was ready to resume her journey.
These Christians were not wearing uniforms which identified them as Christians, but they demonstrated by their actions that they were followers of Jesus. By caring for a stranded stranger, they bore witness to the love of Christ.
It is very sad, but all too common to hear from people outside the church about their impressions of Christians. Some of them think Christians are judgmental; a closed group who are more interested in preserving their traditions than welcoming in new people.
When you stand in line at the supermarket, meet your neighbor over the back fence, or encounter other parents at the playground, what uniform do they see you wearing? Will they know you are Christian by the way you behave? Based on the way you treat them, what impression of Christ will they form?

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