Prayer Retreat Memories

Carrying Hopes to Holy Ground
On Prayer Retreat
November 5—7, 2004

Kissed babies and lovers ‘bye’ and ventured off—
To a place called Holy Ground.
To see if God would be in this place, perceptible.
To listen for the whisper of God’s heart-call,
“come, my beloved; rest in me and be renewed.”

Slept on pillows softer than stones, and waited for the dream.
Opened our hearts and hopes
To see the doorway into heaven—
To hear the angels sing.

Waited with our parched and hungry souls,
Waited for the Bread of Life,
Waited for the Living Water,
Thirsted to hear, “come to me, all who thirst, and I will satisfy.”

Prayed a night. A day. A night… and then the dawn
To signal the end of interlude;
And worship.
To hear again the words of life.
To offer prayers of closing—offer thankful prayers:
For healing.
For peace.
For clarity of tomorrow’s destination.
Thankful prayers for the Holy Presence
perceived, received, in-breathed.

Silence broken. In the awkward hush, back to the familiar…
And yet, not completely back.
Still carrying holy ground; holy silence; holy presence
in our stilled hearts.
Healed. Hopeful. Renewed. Restored. Re-born.

-Genesis 28:10-22

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