Cat Chased Mouse

Cat chased Mouse

Through the asparagus patch,

past the peas,

behind the bee balm bushes.

Great fun for Cat; not so much for Mouse.


Mouse found hole, beneath the house.

Too small for Cat,

too deep to reach with claw,

safe at last.

Frustrated Cat; smirksome Mouse.


Cat settled in on his haunches.

“Take your time, Mouse

You have to come out eventually

And when you do,

I’ll be right here.”

Smirking Cat; Fretsome Mouse.


Mouse is safe within her tunnel.

But safe does not feed the hunger.

Food is out there.

Where Cat awaits.

Mouse emerges; Cat pounces. Mouse is lunch.


Mouse is safe within her tunnel, but a shortage of patience will do her in. if she can hole up there longer than Cat can wait, she will escape.


Something of the same thing happens between the Coronavirus and us. Social isolation, masks and such protect us from infection. Carried on long enough, by a large enough percentage of us, and the viral infection chain will die out and we can emerge safely. Lose our patience and re-emerge too soon, and all that went before was for nothing.


Stay home, stay away from other people as much as you can, wear a mask in public, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.

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